Almac Pharma Services

Almac Pharma ServicesAlmac Pharma ServicesAlmac Pharma ServicesAlmac Pharma ServicesAlmac Pharma Services

This extended facility has been redeveloped in three phases and includes the conversion of an existing goods warehouse and the construction of a 3 storey extension to create a new class 10,000 cleanroom production suite at the west end of the building; the addition of three storeys of laboratories to the east; the construction of a new goods warehouse linked back to production; refurbishment of the cellular offices into a primarily open plan space with customer rooms and the refacing of all four elevations to match the material pallet of the Almac pharmaceutical complex,

The new cleanrooms provide accommodation for the dispensing, blending, tableting and coating of pharmaceutical products and these activities are supported from controlled product storage areas, The production rooms are validated to class 10,000 with temperature and pressure control/monitoring and air change rates of 20+ ac/hr serviced from a walk-on ceiling. Because the work has taken place within an operational GMP facility the construction methodology was carefully considered to ensure that the existing facility remained fully operational at all times.

Contract Value: £11.0 million
Project Status: Completed