FSNI Laboratory Services

Forensic sciences northern ireland laboratoryForensic sciences northern ireland laboratoryForensic sciences northern ireland laboratory

The objective of the project is to ensure that FSNI can continue to meet the needs and requirements of the wider Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland by utilising the very latest advances in forensic science technology. Accommodation to be provided in the building will focus on laboratory space for the recovery of evidence, associated storage and office spaces.

In order to meet the rigorous demands of established quality standards, it is anticipated that the science will be carried out as independent and contained collections of laboratory cells, accommodating a range of contamination prevention protocols and working methods. The centrally established contamination avoidance protocol currently operating at FSNI, is fundamental to the design. Evidence recovery must take place in areas with high levels of environmental control to prevent the ingress of extraneous biological material. These activities will be carried out in laboratories similar in nature to clean rooms.

The building, in line with Government policy for all its new premises, must have minimal impact on the environment in terms of energy consumption, its impact on its immediate surroundings through the selection of building material and services strategy. The building incorporates low carbon technologies such as rainwater harvesting, PV cells, solar water cells and CHP unit.

Contract Value (Phase 1) £12 million