Lahore Trade Centre


Situated in a run down quarter of Lahore, the proposed New Trade Centre development is aimed at bringing a wide range of modern city centre uses and a vibrant new city centre core.

The project will provide the following amenities;

A world class large scale shopping mall providing the wholesale and retail world’s renowned brands and local products of high quality, in addition to an IT and electronic showcase, hypermarket and department stores.

High class office accommodation for the multinational, national and regional companies intending to attract the banking sector, information technology, trading, manufacturing and the automobile sector.

Five star hotel facilities with a rapid transport link to the airport to cater for national and international technocrats, traders, industrialists and bankers attending the conferences and the exhibitions round the year.

Luxury and medium class residential accommodation for those who would like to live in this hub, providing accommodation close to the sources of employment and opportunities for investors who may wish to participate in a rising market sector.

World class leisure and recreational facilities such as indoor and outdoor playing facilities, parks, restaurants, food courts, spa’s, swimming pools and health centres.