The River Cham Masterplan

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The River Cham Masterplan is intended to link the two sided of the city of Saqqes and provide an attractive and vibrant modern centre to the city. The plan is divided into 3 development zones which are defined by three equally spaced road bridges.

The main focus of the northern area is recreation and leisure, along both sides of the river.

Waterside apartments along the western bank of the river present a new ‘edge’ to the masterplan study area while northwards of the spa hotel the land use intensity continues to decrease with the inclusion of a parkland camping site and a purpose built water sports complex. A new basin located to the rear of the wedding hall extends the waterfront setting and creates a civic forecourt for a new integrated leisure complex which will contain swimming pools, ten pin bowling, ice rink, food court and multiplex cinema. 

The central area of the masterplan will be the proposed civic, cultural and commercial hub.

Here the buildings emanate from the masterplan’s key civic space, which takes the form of an outdoor amphitheatre, affording panoramic views westwards across the river to the magnificent Central Mosque. Cultural uses, including a flagship museum, galleries, conference hall, library and city hotel front directly onto the civic space and benefit from both river views to the west and canal views to the east. Commercial uses dominate those buildings proposed along the eastern side of the canal, all of which are located within a network of streets and pedestrian routes which ensure increased connectivity with the surrounding communities.

The proposed southern area includes two mixed use precincts which embrace both sides of the River Cham.

A canal forms a pivotal feature within the eastern mixed use precinct, providing additional waterfront opportunities while playing a key role in flood alleviation. Provision has also been made to cater for a range of building footprints for exciting new waterside development comprising retail and office space with desirable residential accommodation on upper floors. Kowsar Park will be extended along the banks of the river by way of new parkland on the western bank and rose gardens opposite. The whole will form a physical link with the National Park thus extending this green space into the new waterfront. 

Project Status: Under Phased Construction